Progress, Updates and Next Steps.

So it’s been a while again. This job hunting thing is taking up a fair bit of time.

But anyway, this is another short update on the blog, the YouTube channel and social.

The blog is still going to be getting updated and soon it’s going to be more regularly and more consistently! Same with the YouTube channel. I’m in the middle of editing episode 2 of the Invisible Illness Human Library. You should have a look at episode 1 if you haven’t done so already. Things are changing quite a bit though. Every month we’re going to be posting about a specific topic. Those topics aren’t ready to be revealed yet but there’s some really cool stuff coming!

Regarding YouTube, a wonderful wonderful update is that I’m not alone any more! A friend of mine Lily, pictured below, is going to be creating a video for us. If you guys watch and love her stuff she might even agree to make more for us! Lily is a cracking film maker and she’s an alright person too, I guess.


Welcome to the crew, Lily! 

Regarding social media, Twitter and Facebook will be going up in June-ish. You’ll be able to follow us and like us soon so keep your eyes peeled for an announcement! This is all really exciting and I can’t wait to share the new and improved Success In Selflessness with you all!


Updates, Trips and Goodness

I’m currently sat on a train back from Newcastle feeling a little sleepy but strangely energised and mentally prepared for life back in London. I’ve been staying with a few people over the last four/five day and have loved every second with my Northern family.

This trip was a much needed and long overdue break from the big city but also a chance for me to finally make some progress on my Invisible Illness Human Library. Episode one is all recorded and ready to be edited together. The first episode will feature my best friend who has so many invisible illnesses, she’s basically an encyclopedia of ailments. But she speaks with such grace and rawness that it was hard for me to even film. She’s a brilliant shining light in a world that can sometimes seem very dark and I’m proud to know her. You can check out some of the amazing work she’s doing by checking out So episode 1 will be coming out in the next week or so and I’m so excited to share it with you all. I really want to help raise awareness of illnesses that aren’t particularly easy to spot. I’d love your help to do that.

I’m also finally going to set up a SiS Twitter account and maybe even a Facebook page. I’m currently looking for writers, people to help with social media and people to support with making videos. I want SiS to be a place where we can write, share and openly discuss all kinds of issues. Of course, the things that I’ve always loved writing about are kindness and mental health, but I’m keen to discuss topics such as politics, race, religion, gender and lots of other things too. If you think you’re up for writing with me, filming with me or sharing with me, please get in touch via the contact us page.

This is a short update but one that I’ve been itching to post ever since I announced the Invisible Illness Human Library a few months ago so I’m really glad I can finally announce the first episode. Keep an eye out here for more information! 🙂