Resilience: No Pain, No Gain

So as mentioned in my last post and on my Instagram I’ve recently started trying to learn how to skateboard. I’m not going to lie. It has not been pretty. I have fallen off the board and fallen, injured my arms, legs and butt. However, I have been getting back on again and again to try to get better.

My body hates me right now and I’ve done the splits about four times today because the board slipped me. I have managed to pull about 90% of my leg muscles. 20160924_1545561

However, no matter how much I fall, humiliate myself, no matter how many bruises and cuts and scrapes I get I’m going to keep on going. Of course, this isn’t just a post about skateboarding. It’s about resilience.

Resilience is all about how we keep going when something goes wrong. It is not always easy to stay resilient. Life will knock you down over and over and it’s going to suck, but how you respond to those knock backs is what shows your true character. The easy option is to give up and to just accept things as they are but sometimes that’s just not feasible.

As regular readers know, I’ve suffered from breakdowns, panic attacks and all the physical manifestations of poor mental health but in my mind, and in what people tell me, I’m trying my absolute hardest to be a better version of me every day. As of today (29th September) I’m 9157 days old which means I’m Alex v. 9157.

You will never be perfect but that doesn’t mean you won’t be incredible. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure you’re a pretty special person now but you can be better too. You just need to believe that you can be incredible. Right this second, I’m feeling pretty chuffed about myself and life but I know it can and still will get even better. My mind will too.

So keep building up resilience. Your muscles get stronger by exercise. Work out your brain. Think things through logically. Keep believing in yourself and the fact that you can be better every day.

Here’s a little message from Rocky Balboa himself. It summarises everything I’ve been talking about in this post.

Right now, I’m actively trying to learn more. Skating, science, music. Everything. That’s how I’m trying to be a better version of myself. Life hit me hard recently but I got back up and am moving forward. I hope you can too.


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