My New Endeavours

So this is my 60th post on Success In Selflessness. And there are some exciting things happening. Okay, no I’m not cured, I still avoid social situations as best I can and I’m still spending 70% of my time at home in bed, resting but I’m determined to get better slowly.

To continue my never ending battle of recovery, I’ve decided to do some new things. I’m setting myself a few challenges to aid in that quest.

First, I’m going to try to learn to skateboard. I’m neither graceful nor athletic. So that’s going to be really interesting.

Second, I really really want to learn to scuba dive. I’ve been looking for scuba diving courses near where I live and I think I’ve found a place. I always used to find the sea and the water really relaxing and even though I’d be learning in a pool, it would hopefully one day lead me to the sea to swim with sharks. That’s the dream. My new endeavours.png

Thirdly, I’m going to be diversifying the content that I create on this blog. First up, you may have noticed some new pages on the site. I’m going to be posting music related content as well as things about politics, identity, culture, and lots of other social issues. The most exciting bit that I’m planning is to create some videos to go alongside the content that I’m creating. So I’m learning how to edit video as I write this. Who knows, by the time this comes out we might even have our first video up!

This post is primarily a way for me to announce the new ways I’m going to be providing content but it’s also a reminder to never stop growing. Whenever I learn something new or achieve something I didn’t think I would, I feel great. I feel a rare sense of pride in who I am and what I do.

So my message to you this time, no matter how, when or where, learn something new and do something you didn’t think you could. Even if it’s leave the house to go to the shop. Or to read a new book, or start learning a new language or instrument. You’ll thank  yourself for it.

UPDATE: I’ve bought myself a skateboard so keep your eyes peeled for some shocking bails and bruises… 20160924_154556[1].jpg



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