Don’t let your mental health silence you.

I posted very recently about my recent (and current) mental health which has been questionable to say the least and the response that I received from friends and family has been incredible. This is not the first time I’ve fallen back into serious depression and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

The one thing that helps me more than anything is having amazing people around me. The messages of support, the kind words, the positivity keep me going. It’s so so easy for you to think that you’re worthless and that no one cares but that’s absolutely not true. Please see here.

You are not alone. You will get better and you will be stronger than ever. But to do that you can’t let your mental ill health prevent you from having a voice. Whether it’s online via a blog, on YouTube via a vlog, going for a coffee with your best friend and talking about mental health or anything else you can think of. There will always be people saying to you to “just cheer up” or that “other people have it worse” and even assume that you’re just sad but you can explain it to them. Explain that there is a hormone imbalance in your brain. That’s the cause.

Write a poem, write a song, paint a picture or do a dance. However you choose to express your struggles just make sure that you do.

1 in 4 people are affected by mental illness. There is such an amazing community online and beyond who are supportive and passionate about supporting people with mental health issues.

If you need urgent help please go to A&E, book an appointment with your GP, if you’re a student you can head to student welfare.

Otherwise to find out more, check out the websites below:



4 thoughts on “Don’t let your mental health silence you.

  1. Love it. Although I have to wonder: is it always a hormonal imbalance? What about the psychological reasons, such as trauma, stress, grief, etc?

    But yeah, to hell with depression; sick of it. I often tell myself I’m not depressed, just because I’m not always moping around feeling sorry for myself while being self-destructive (I don’t mean that in quite the diminutive way it sounds), but honestly, I have no idea, maybe I am.

    I tend to wake up happy and then at night the mood drops. I always try to focus on the future, my goals, and work on keeping my mood and thoughts positive, because that’s extremely important. Everything changed when I focused on my future instead of the now.


    • Hey Joe,

      Thanks for reading and I’m really glad you enjoyed it. You’re totally right there. Other things can cause depression. I should have made it clearer! Depression is so so complicated. The way I see it, there are feelings of depression and the medical illness depression. Those feelings can lead to depression. But like I said that’s just how I try to rationalise it as, like I said, it’s so complicated!

      Anyway, I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had some trouble with depression. The thoughts are super hard to break free.

      I love that you’re focusing on the future rather than the present. I hope you manage to stay happy and keep positive! 🙂

      Thanks again for reading and joining the discussion!

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